AWS Support Services

EmaxIT aims to enable businesses like yours to use cloud services and make the most out of it. Companies that have undertaken digital transformation are likely to encounter multiple challenges that different industries face due to exposure to ageing digital transformation.

EmaxIT has been engaged for quite some time dealing with Amazon web services and has completed over 60 projects that were made possible using DevOps, Serverless Computing, AI/ML, and our expert consultants equally divided among our Global Delivery centers.

EmaxIT is among the limited entities that have complete knowledge and understanding of cloud migration. Therefore, it has set a priority to help its customers and enable them to perceive the maximum benefits of AWS and ease their path of digital transformation with the help of our consultation.


For Modern IT transformation, EmaxIT allows customers to efficiently use Cloud Feasibility Studies and even construct their remediation plans, keeping in mind the initial business approach.

Operations and Governance:

The new and advanced security system of EmaxIT allows business owners to focus on important business matters, leaving the rest to be managed by EmaxIT, saving them time, cost, and effort.

Powerful Cloud Solution:

EmaxIT has Adequate control when it comes to working or dealing with domains such as Microsoft, VMware, SAP, Oracle workloads on AWS.

Design and Migration:

Making the work easier for customers by developing custom solutions that cost less as IT is an Automation First Framework.

We excel in the following:

  • Cloud Kick-starter Program

  • Compliance and Converged Cloud Strategy

  • IT Assessment and Strategy

    • Cloud Economics (TCO/ROI)

    • DevOps Adoption Strategy

    • Application Cloud Roadmap and Plans

      • Migration Assessment: Current vs Asset light vs Virtualized vs Cloud

        Benefits with AWS:

        Enhance speed and agility:

        Cloud computing has allowed all the new IT sources available by just a click, saving time as now these sources required to developers can be provided to them sooner. However, it also impacts the organization's agility that records an overall increase.

        Immense economies of scale:

        Another advantage of cloud computing is that it saves the money of many customers aggregated in the cloud enabling AWS to achieve more significant economies of scale, thus lowering the overall costs.

        Auto-scale Resources:

        With cloud computing, customers enjoy removing multiple problems such as limited capacity and sacrificing idle resources when making capacity decisions. So, cloud computing allows customers to use any amount of capacity, and all is done in a matter of minutes.

        The transition from CAPEX or OPEX:

        Customers can pay for computing resources, and it depends on how much they want to use these resources and when they want to use them. It provides customers with an option to pay after they avail these services.

        Focus on core competency:

        Cloud computing allows business owners to focus on the more critical business area, exempting them from the workload of other regions such as powering servers.