Data and Analytics

The teams at EmaxIT dive into details of the given data, and they closely analyse it, enabling EmaxIT to take steps towards forming a solution for the complications faced in a business.

Advanced analytics:

Advanced analytics enables users to use advanced techniques that are different and better than the traditional methods. It allows them to gain additional significant information, enabling problem-solving and future business predictions and is known to work in favor of optimization and innovation.

Some of the few globally used practices include Forecasting, Classification, Association, Segmentation, and Correlation Analysis. In addition, businesses around the globe are engaged in devising methods to use this advanced analytical Tool to their advantage by developing new innovative business products and services.

What we offer:

Domain problem to ML problem:

  • Understand the available data and constraints.
  • Check if ML can solve the problem.
  • Keep clear goals.

Data collection and preparation:

  • Find various data sources and steps to extract the data.
  • Integrate data from various resources.


  • Choosing the ML Algorithm.
  • Hyperparameter tuning.


  • Interpreting the results.
  • Packaging and Shipping.
  • Maintenance and Monitoring.
Why EmaxIT:

Multi-platform Expertise:

EmaxIT aims to improve the customer’s business performance and efficiency to the most significant degree possible with the help of its Data Scientist teams. The teams are highly skilled in dealing with platforms such as Flume, Hadoop, Python, and many more. Such media allows EmaxIT to interpret and understand consumer data, highlighting different patterns and insights.

End to end solution provisioning:

With the help of master engineers containing expertise in many of the popular ETL tools, EmaxIT makes it simpler for customers to manage complex data with ease. Moreover, the data scientists at EmaxIT make it possible to store large amounts of data in one place, so it is easier to access. EmaxIT provides its customers with end-to-end solutions starting from infrastructure setup, data centricity, and deeper business insights.

Customer-centric approach enhancing adoption:

maxIT provides the best possible solutions for our customers to quickly accomplish their goals with minor hurdles with the help of engineers. These engineers identify gaps and problems with the customer business and devise methods to overcome those. Moreover, they educate them on how to improve performance and increase productivity.

Our services:

AI strategy and Advisory:

EmaxIT is beneficial for businesses that face difficulty when developing an initial plan and don’t know where to start when it comes to using artificial intelligence in their day-to-day work. As a result, EmaxIT provides plans and strategies to implement AI in businesses.

Data science and AI consulting:

Data science consultation at EmaxIT supports customers in identifying and understanding the problems and teaches them to convert them to ML problems, data collection, and preprocessing feature engineering model development, ending with the deployment of data science's whole life cycle.

AI solution/ Model development:

By developing integration of collecting data, model testing, model training, model development, transfer learning, and model management, EmaxIT helps customers in consultation and makes AI solutions.

AI-driven automation:

EmaxIT enables efficient automation of tasks, complex workflows, and the entire process, all done without any human intervention.

Implementation of Vendor AI solution:

Another service of EmaxIT is that it allows fast implementation of man AI vendor solutions such as AWS, AI/ML, and many more.