ERP Implementations

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software may transform businesses by simplifying production and increasing consumer interaction. Many businesses, however, are having difficulty understanding how ERP systems operate and how to deploy them efficiently.

And because ERP deployment takes time and money, it's critical for your business to properly investigate and understand the process before getting started. As a result, we've put up this comprehensive advice on how to prevent failure and succeed. We'll also talk about the approach, the dangers and obstacles, as well as professional advice and prices.

At EmaxIT, we have successfully delivered state-of-the-art and comprehensive ERP implementations for business of various types and sizes. The process involves the movement of financial data to new software, installing software, the configuration of users, and processes for providing adequate training to users on that software. In addition, EmaxIT uses enterprise resource planning to enable other businesses in keeping track of their manufacturing and distribution procedures as it helps manage staff, inventory, and businesses of all sorts can benefit from it.

From our expertise, we have used a 7-steps methodology to fulfill ERP projects successfully. The steps are as following:

  • Research
  • Setup
  • Migration
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Deployment
  • Support