How time and attendance software works?

A business that needs people to operate must have a way to record, track, and monitor when they start and stop work. In the past, we used paper cards which have times stamped onto them using a time stamping machine or badges with barcode or electronic tag. Those methods makes it easy for staff to clock in and out for one another (known as "buddy punching") which is a simple example of employee time theft, beside the fact that badges maybe lost, stolen or damaged and requires replacing which is expensive.

Another disadvantage is that those systems rely on highly skilled people consuming lot of time to manually input employee hours, process paper sheets and time cards, create schedules, authorize leave and overtime, and calculate payroll.

Today, we use bio-metrics terminal devices (such as vein reader, hand geometry, fingerprint, or facial recognition), and touch screens devices because of its ability to recognize people's unique physiological characteristics. Employees are simply required to touch, swipe, or get pictured to identify themselves and thus record the time they enter or leave the work area. This information is transferred securely in real time as it happens to the time and attendance software to be processed and then stored electronically in a database.

The time and attendance software now tracks every transaction, and acts on behalf of human resources staff in calculating shifts, schedules, and overtime according to predefined rules and policies. It then displays this information such as hours, scheduled/working status and employee counts, sends real-time proactive notifications, and provides powerful detailed reports and analytics for managers and executives focusing on key performance indicators required for setting business goals and making strategic decisions to improve a company's competitive edge.

This way, all time, rates, and wages calculations are automatic and %100 accurate, payroll generation is very fast and efficient, and the system can integrate with external payroll, accounting, and human resource management systems for more processing and data utilization. This will reduce errors, increase productivity, control and reduce labor costs, saves time and efforts, help in legal compliance, and get insight into your workforce, allowing managers make decisions that have an impact on your organization.

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