Managed Services

With EmaxIT, customers can significantly reduce the weight of Managing IT infrastructure. Customers can put their focus on other things in the business while EmaxIT takes care of your infrastructure.

Managed support services:

To achieve better results and enhanced performance managed support service involves outsourcing the IT work to another service provider.

Due to modern digitalization, there has been a noted increase in the complexity of infrastructure. The management process of infrastructure has turned into a slow procedure ever since there has been an introduction of a hybrid environment of on-prem and cloud-based infrastructure.

This type of subscription determines the model in which the clients and the service providers are bound by a contract with a service level agreement. It is also essential to decide on the service quality.

What we offer:

The primary aim is to reduce customers' costs while preventing a reduction in the quality of service. It also adheres to a service level agreement, and at the same time, maintains the environment.

EmaxIT guarantees the smooth functioning of the environment with the help of experts and qualified engineers. Furthermore, the addition of automated monitoring equipment and a system of alerting also helps in the smooth functioning of the environment.

Why EmaxIT:

  • Due to its availability 24/7, 365 days of the year.
  • Enables proactive localization, removal of bottlenecks, and provision of information on IT infrastructure performance.
  • Provision of reports based on stability and reliability of the system.
  • Carries out maintenance activities regularly.
  • Costs of IT are known.
  • Control on the IT environment that allows carrying out strategic decisions.
  • Customers can report incidents on the Standard Service Desk.
  • Provision of a ticketing tool for incidents, problems, change management, etc.
Our services:

Helping clients resolve complex problems and navigate a change for a better future that is possible with the help of highly skilled teams. EmaxIT consists of a range of options such as premium, standard and basic. In addition, the services provided are customizable to suit customer requirements, whereas solutions depend on availability in the industry.

Our practices:

Proactive approach:

The Proactive Approach allows EmaxIT to understand and detect a failure even before it occurs. The latest monitoring tools aligned to the latest technologies predict the pattern and point out the anomalies beforehand.

Hybrid models:

More and More Companies are moving towards cloud platforms, with most applications hosted in on-prem datacenters. EmaxIT offers a hybrid Monitoring system that can incorporate alerts from on-prem as well as different cloud solutions.

Automation first approach:

An Automation approach is always one of the first options at EmaxIT that comes with a well-defined process to analyze and refine the automation ecosystem at regular intervals to meet the dynamic diversities.

Supplemented by analytics:

The Managed Support Services are supplemented by Machine Learning based Analytics, where the team shall provide deep insights on making informed decisions concerning availability, cost optimization, disaster recovery, etc.

Encompassing a Wide Spectrum of Services (IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS).

ITIL Process Framework Driven.

Cloud Agnostic

EmaxIT excels in supporting business while and after moving applications & services from on-prem to Cloud solutions regardless of underlying Operating System or any other dependency. At the same, time it makes sure of consistent and standard performance most efficiently and cost-effectively.