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Save money
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Control errors
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Testimonials from our Clients

  • Megan Doell
    This is exactly what we needed. A smart, fast, and precise time attendance and payroll calculation software that is easy to use and practical at the same time. With prompt and reliable after sale support, we are more than satisfied with our investment in iVisionMT Suite software.
    Megan Doell
    Exavated Stores Inc., U.S.A.
  • Jonathan McWellis
    Our HR department used to be busy all the time and have been accused of delaying our salaries almost every month! After two months of running EmaxIT iVisionMT Suite time attendance system, they are considered the heroes of our group of companies making us all happy.
    Jonathan McWellis
    Canto Derma Group, U.S.A.
  • Jennifer Waderssen
    We usually don't talk about softwares we use in our business, but this is an exception.. with iVisionMT Suite time attendance software we were able to handle more than 1200 employees working in 7 branches across 2 cities smoothly and painlessly. Thumbs up for such a success story.
    Jennifer Waderssen
    Intellegentia Pharma L.L.C., U.S.A.
  • Mohammed Jama'an
    We highly recommend iVisionMT Suite time and attendance software after using two other systems previously. This was obviously the winner from the first beginning as we were able to easily and efficiently setup all schedules, shifts, and policies in record-time :-)
    Mohammed Jama'an
    Dar Al-Azyaa, Saudi Arabia

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